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Private Healings

Private Stress Relief and Crystal Healing Ceremony by Joy

Relax on the amazing amethyst bio-mat (a thin mattress filled with crushed amethyst crystals) and enjoy your “take me away moments” as Joy uses oils and crystals in this sacred healing ceremony.

With pieces of amethyst on your forehead, chest and legs – and lavender oil on your palms, forehead and feet, you will be transported to a beautiful place of Peace.  Thru channeled words of Inspiration and Hope, Joy will provide a special release of all that is weighing you down and bring in Angels and Ancestors to assist in bringing Gifts for your Spirit.

Appointments available on Wednesdays at Ahlara   Each session is 60 minutes in length – $75    Call to schedule 704.662.0946

About Joy:

Joy is the facilitator of Mindful Women of Ahlara and The Ahlara Sisterhood and continues her mission of nurturing and inspiring others, particularly women.  She is the author of From Fear to Faith, a Caregiver’s Journey, Seekers and Dreamers, and the soon-to-be-released, Angel Whispers.  You can follow her channeled messages at https://www.facebook.com/joyce.sheldon.31.  Joy gives speeches, workshops and seminars to professional and family caregivers around the country bringing words of Hope, validation and inspiration.

Blessings from God Private Healings by Maureen

maureen angelThrough the Holy Spirit, Maureen facilitates a connection to your spirit with a gentle touch and heavenly words. As the spirit speaks through her, she is given an understanding of what is being said and is able to share her visions of the unseen.  Her desire is to share the love of God by leaving you connected and tapped into that infinite flow of love and peace.  In some cases, internal blockages are removed and you can see your life in a new vibrant way.

Appointments by request Every Other Thursday Afternoon from 1:30pm – 5pm

Cost: $75 per hour  Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule.

Theta Healing with Alba

If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?

One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques,     ThetaHealing® is a process of meditation that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave. While in a pure Theta state of mind, the practitioner is able to connect to the Creator of All That Is through focused prayer.

During a one-on-one session, the practitioner and client discuss what changes the client wants or needs.  They arrive at the bottom belief and then the work to bring healing can begin.

$90 for 60 minutes  Call 704.662.0946 to schedule by appointment only.

Crystal Energy Healing with Alissa

Join Alissa on a beautiful journey of receiving loving, healing energies from the Universe, Divine Source and Mother Earth. During this journey, crystals will be placed on and around you, and your chakras will be cleansed and balanced. Messages of inspiration and guidance will often be received on your behalf from high vibration beings such as ascended masters, angels, guides and spirit animals. Each experience is personal and unique and will allow you to tune in, explore and heal your body, mind and heart.
$75 for 60 minutes  Call 704.662.0946 to schedule by appointment only.

Mediumship Readings and Healings with Ed Carlton 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Terry Ann

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, (QHHT) offers healing through past life regression. Contact is made with your Higher Self, gaining access to powerful healing related to past or present trauma, unresolved issues, childhood trauma, past relationships, health issues = whatever you need to address.  The session is personal and completely confidential.

Come prepared with 10 questions you would like to ask your Higher Self. We connect with your Higher self to do a health scan to determine where you need healing. The session is recorded and given to you. Listening to it at your leisure provides additional healings. You also take with you long awaited answers and a new perspective on life. You have lived many lives, shown your light through many different faces. Come expand your awareness and heal.

Sessions are $250 and can take up to 3 hours depending upon the level of healing you require. Appointments available every 2nd Wednesday and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Call 704.662.0946 to schedule.

Sessions are $250 and can take up to 3 hours depending upon the level of healing you require. Every 2nd Wednesday from and Sunday from 11 – 5pm. Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule.

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