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Private Healings

Blessings from God Private Healings by Maureen

maureen angel

Through the Holy Spirit, Maureen facilitates a connection to your spirit with a gentle touch and heavenly words. As the spirit speaks through her, she is given an understanding of what is being said and is able to share her visions of the unseen.  Her desire is to share the love of God by leaving you connected and tapped into that infinite flow of love and peace.  In some cases, internal blockages are removed and you can see your life in a new vibrant way.

Appointments by request Every Other Thursday Afternoon from 1:30pm – 5pm

Cost: $75 per hour  Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule.

Crystal Energy Healing by Alissa

Join Alissa on a beautiful journey of receiving loving, healing energies from the Universe, Divine Source and Mother Earth. During this journey, crystals will be placed on and around you, and your chakras will be cleansed and balanced. Messages of inspiration and guidance will often be received on your behalf from high vibration beings such as ascended masters, angels, guides and spirit animals. Each experience is personal and unique and will allow you to tune in, explore and heal your body, mind and heart.

$80 for 60 minutes  Call 704.662.0946 to schedule by appointment only.

Regression Hypnotherapy by Sandra Harris


Allow Sandra to take you on a guided journey through a safe and relaxing regression hypnosis to access all the magic of the unconscious mind and spiritual realms.You can choose from one or more of the following experiences or simply come open to receive whatever gift Spirit has to offer:

  • Experience a Past Life Memory
  • Meet Guides, Angels, Councils and Higher Self
  • Experience Life Between Lives
  • Reconnect with Loved Ones on the Other Side
  • Experience Energy, Vibration and Healing
  • Imprint or Overlay Soul Memories
  • Experience a Future Life Progression

Appointments available Wednesday mornings and evenings. Sessions usually last between 1.5 – 2 hours. Cost: $111  Call 704.662.0946 to schedule your session.

Learn more at www.soulillumination.net.

Akashic Records Readings and Jikiden Reiki by Lorriane Meyer

Lorraine Meyer is an IACT Certified Practitioner. First and foremost, she considers herself a Transformer, she holds sacred space for her clients as she guides them through the process of personal evolution.

To assist others through self-realization or release of dis-ease she calls upon her training as both an Akashic Records Consultant and a Shihan of Jikiden Reiki. Lorraine’s training spans over a dozen years and is extensive. She sought out, studied with and worked alongside world renowned teachers from the USA, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Each of her private sessions is tailored to the needs of her clients. Once you book your appointment, Lorraine will reach out to discuss your needs and create a session that will best serve you.  Her Akashic Records Consultations are one hour. Clients are asked to bring questions they have regarding any facet of their lives, Lorraine then connects them to their Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and serves as the translator for their energetic transmission responses. Clients are encouraged to record their sessions so they may enjoy the flow of information in the moment.

Third Sunday of Each Month from 12pm – 5pm
Akashic Records Readings: Half Hour $100/Full Hour $150 Jikiden Reiki Session: 1 Hour/$100

Call 704.662.0946 to schedule your private session.

Her Jikiden Reiki Sessions are one hour. These sessions focus on physical and/or psychological issues. Dress comfortably.

Private Astrology Readings by Emmaleen Muldoon

Emmaleen uses your birth data to draw up your astrology chart on the computer. The astrology chart provides a roadmap for the soul, it gives us information on your personality, how you connect with others as well as planetary transits that will affect you currently and within the next year.

First Tuesdays (March 1st) of each month from 11am  – 4pm  Cost:  $120 for 60 minutes.

Price includes the preparation time needed to look up your transits. Please make sure you provide your birth data at time of booking, that must include, birth date, birth time and birth location.

About Emmaleen Muldoon:

Emmaleen is an astrology consultant, teacher and believer in the power of astrology to help guide others through life. She uses your birth chart to explain your unique skills and qualities and how best to utilize them.

A British girl, with an enthusiasm for astrology and drive to help people, she uses astrology to give people an insight into their life’s purpose and uses their chart as a tool to uncover their truth.

Emmaleen started her professional life as a lawyer; stumbling upon astrology after the birth of her first child. Upon her first encounter with astrology she was completely shocked by how the astrology teacher knew details of her life. When she discovered that it was possible to study astrology and learn these skills herself, she was hooked. From that day on, she became an astrology student never going a day without astrology.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis by Terry Ann

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, (QHHT) offers healing through past life regression. Contact is made with your Higher Self, gaining access to powerful healing related to past or present trauma, unresolved issues, childhood trauma, past relationships, health issues = whatever you need to address.  The session is personal and completely confidential.

Come prepared with 10 questions you would like to ask your Higher Self. We connect with your Higher self to do a health scan to determine where you need healing. The session is recorded and given to you. Listening to it at your leisure provides additional healings. You also take with you long awaited answers and a new perspective on life. You have lived many lives, shown your light through many different faces. Come expand your awareness and heal.

Sessions are $325 and can take up to 3 hours depending upon the level of healing you require. Appointments available every 2nd Wednesday and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Call 704.662.0946 to schedule.

Coming Back From Trauma: Reiki and a Spiritual Message by Terry Ann

Our recovery from trauma tells the story of our innate strength and resilience.  My purpose in life is to help you on your quest to find your true identity.  Join Terry Ann for a healing session for both body and mind.  Through a healing touch and an insightful reading of the cards, hear the spiritual message of guidance that is uniquely yours.
Cost: $100    Please call 704.662.0946 to book.
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