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Our Staff

Lynne Wiggins
Lynne Wiggins: Owner

Home Town: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Favorite Travel Destination: Nepal, Peru and Egypt

Favorite Fashion Style: Scarves and Layered Jewelry

Favorite Spa Service: 90 min Chi Massage and Sphinx Deluxe Facial

Why I created Ahlara: I created Ahlara as a healing and community center offering an oasis of peace and tranquility. After traveling to Asia for many years, I wanted to recreate the calm, relaxing and soothing atmosphere of an Asian inspired spa. I wanted to share the beauty and artistry of the textiles, art and wood-work I found during my travels and create an exotic spa culture in which to show case my treasures.

Sandra Harris: General Manager

Home Town: Blacksburg, VA

Education: Biology at Randolph Macon College, Ashland, VA

Why did you choose Ahlara? It was what I had been dreaming of

Favorite Travel Destination: Bora Bora and Switzerland

Favorite Fashion Style: I love anything Aqua

Favorite Spa Service: Pacha Papa Massage

Goal: My desire is for each client to experience the beauty and peace of Ahlara and to walk away completely relaxed and replenished.

Joyce “Joy” Marie Sheldon:  Community Liaison

Home Town: Buffalo, NY

Education: State University of NY at Buffalo

Why did you choose Ahlara? I share in the commitment to service excellence and in providing the community with opportunities for growth of mind and spirit

Favorite Travel Destination: I love the mountains, especially the Smokies.

Favorite Fashion Style: Casual and comfortable

Favorite Spa Service: Pacha Papa Massage and The Atlantis (amethyst biomat)

Goal: To be of service to others.

Alba Kogot: Customer Service Coordinator/ Energy Healer

Home Town: Philadelphia, PA

Education: Music Education at Chestnut Hill College

Why did you choose Ahlara? I love the atmosphere here. It’s so relaxing and stress-free.

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere as long as my husband is with me. We have lots of fun together.

Favorite Fashion Style: Casual chique

Favorite Spa Service: Massage – any and every kind

Goal: To meet people and live life to the fullest.

Alissa Thurston-Mercado: Customer Service Coordinator/Energy & Crystal Healer

Home Town: Stony Point, NY

Education: Reiki Practitioner

Why did you choose Ahlara? I love the atmosphere and the great energy and I absolutely love the crystals!!

Favorite Travel Destination: Disney World, FL

Favorite Fashion Style: Boho and Rock T-shirts

Favorite Spa Service: Sphinx Facial

Goal: I want clients to enjoy the positive energy at Ahlara and leave feeling balanced and renewed.

Amanda Odom: Licensed Esthetician

Home Town: Hickory, NC

Why did you choose Ahlara? I love the atmosphere. As soon as you walk in you’re at ease.

Education: A New Vision Academy: Institute of Skin and Spa Sciences

Favorite Travel Destination: Disney World. Love sharing moment with my family at the park and riding rides.

Favorite Fashion Style: Comfy and casual. Leggings and a t-shirt.

Favorite Spa Service: Chi Massage

Goal: To build a clientele and share my knowledge and resources with others. I want everyone to feel special.

angelica costea
Angelica Costea: Customer Service Coordinator

Home Town: Arad, Romania

Why did you choose Ahlara? I love the people

Favorite Travel Destination: Atlantis, Bahamas

Favorite Fashion Style: Jeans and T-shirts

Favorite Spa Service: Sphinx Facial

Goal: I love working with people and helping the find them perfect service or outfit.

brandie summey
Brandie Summey: Licensed Nail Technician

Home Town: Charlotte, NC

Education: South Eastern Cosmetology, Charlotte, NC

Why did you choose Ahlara? I enjoy the relaxing environment and the wide choices of services

Favorite Travel Destination: I love Disney World and the Grand Turks

Favorite Fashion Style: Casual jeans and boots

Favorite Spa Service: Pacha Papa Massage or Mani Stone Massage

Goal:  For everyone to leave feeling just a little bit happier and relaxed.

Caroline Hutchison: Licensed Esthetician

Home Town: Winterpark, FL

Education: Aveda Institute

Why did you choose Ahlara? Something in my soul pulled me here. I love everything Ahlara is, has and stands for!

Favorite Travel Destination: Austin, TX and Marathon, FL

Favorite Fashion Style: Boho Chic!

Favorite Spa Service: Ahlara’s new facial…Emience’s Gemstone

Goal:  To fill up everybody’s cup that I meet! Leave and impression in their hearts while lessening my carbon footprint.

Carolyn Forney: Licensed Massage Therapist
Carolyn Bush: Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Esthetician

Home Town: All over North Carolina

Education: Natural Touch Massage, Hickory, NC 2008     Cosmetic Arts Academy, Hickory, NC 2010

Why did you choose Ahlara? Change is progress and moving forward.

Favorite Travel Destination: Yellowstone National Park

Favorite Fashion Style: Sundresses and sandals

Favorite Spa Service: A refreshing wrap to comfort my skin.

Goal:  As a holistic healer to make my clients feel comfortable, healthy and relaxed.

Christine “Cece” Heller: Licensed Nail Technician and Licensed Esthetician

Home Town: Brisbane Australia

Education: Cintec Nail Academy, Aveda Institute for Esthetics, Illinois Reflexology Inc.

Why did you choose Ahlara? I chose Ahlara for its zen family and spiritual healthy qualities.

Favorite Travel Destination: Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Paris, England, and Florida

Favorite Fashion Style: Comfort and mommy attire. Love anything European/Franswa

Favorite Spa Service: Rezenerate, Sands of Cairo, Nefertiti

Goal:  To create a zen, stress relief, relaxation environment while offering a full range of treatments to fulfill client’s needs and objectives.

Diantha King: Licensed Massage Therapist
erin boyle
Erin Boyle: Licensed Massage Therapist

Home Town: Chicago, IL

Education: Edmund Morgan School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy, Cornelius, NC 2007

Why did you choose Ahlara? I knew I would fit in

Favorite Travel Destination: Belize

Favorite Fashion Style: Sport

Favorite Spa Service: The Ahlara Harmony Package

Goal: I want to continue learning all that I can about massage so that I can further my career as a body worker.

judy wagner
Judy Wagner: Customer Service Coordinator

Home Town: Albemarle, NC

Why did you choose Ahlara? It just seemed to call to me

Favorite Travel Destination: My mountain cabin

Favorite Fashion Style: Dresses

Favorite Spa Service: Sands of Cairo Facial

Goal: To provide excellent customer service and have fun.

Lynne Settle: Licensed Massage Therapist

Home Town: Bloomington, Indiana

Education: NC Massage School & The School of Life – currently pursuing Gestalt & Energy Healing

Why did you choose Ahlara? Finding Ahlara was a gift from the universe!

Favorite Travel Destination: Maui, Hawaii  I love international travel!

Favorite Fashion Style: Classic, timeless styles

Favorite Spa Service: Manicures and Pedicures

Goal: To effect a healing of the planet and humanity thru love, empathy and harmony.

Mary Blose: Licensed Massage Therapist

Home Town: Port Orange, FL

Education: NC Massage School

Why did you choose Ahlara? After taking some time off for shoulder surgery I wanted to go somewhere that I knew was about the client and their well being!

Favorite Travel Destination: The beach…but Hawaii has been the best.

Favorite Fashion Style: Hip and fun with a touch of classic

Favorite Spa Service: Jing (cupping) Massage

Goal: My goal with every client is for them to leave feeling better than when they came through the door. Not only physically but mentally as well.

maureen jennings
Maureen Jennings: Licensed Esthetician/ Energy Healer

Home Town: Locust Valley, NY

Education: Mitchell Community College, Statesville, NC 2010

Why did you choose Ahlara? Perfect fit!

Favorite Travel Destination: Scotland

Favorite Fashion Style: Casual Classic

Favorite Spa Service: Benben Body Scrub

Goal: I am very passionate about educating clients on the importance of proper skincare products and treatments.

Nin McGhee: Licensed Massage Therapist
Rae Chapman: Licensed Massage Therapist

Home Town: Plano, TX

Education: Utah College of Massage Therapy, 2012

Why did you choose Ahlara? I love the location near Lake Norman, the atmosphere in the spa, and the people all seem happy to be here.

Favorite Travel Destination: United Kingdom especially London

Favorite Fashion Style: Dark, rich colors

Favorite Spa Service: Shiva Massage

Goal: When the body is free of pain, the mind and spirit are free of their weights and limitations.

Stephanie Stokes: Licensed Nail Technician and Licensed Esthetician

*All of our therapists our licensed and certified through the state of North Carolina.

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