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Spirit of Ahlara
Summer in Bangkok - Infra-red Sauna

Healing Heat - The infrared heat of Ahlara’s sauna feels like the heat of our sun. Excellent for increasing blood circulation, which is essential for beautiful, youthful, glowing skin. This ancient detoxifying ritual firms and improves skin tone and elasticity.
30 minutes with another service/class $10.00
Five 30 minutes sessions without another service/class $60.00

The Rainbow Chakra Mat

The Chakra mat is a device made entirely out of natural elements — gemstones, far infrared rays, negative ions, photon therapy and a pulsed electromagnetic field system all combine to provide an experience that helps balance and cleanse the seven chakra points. Each chakra energy center influences specific aspects of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. When all of your chakras are perfectly balanced and cleansed, your body operates in an optimal state in which reaching a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself is possible.

30 minutes with another service/class $10.00
30 minutes without another service/class $15.00
60 minutes with another service/class $20.00
60 minutes without another service/class $25.00

The Rainbow Bliss

Our Rainbow Healing adventure awaits you with a 30 minute Scalp Massage while resting on our Chakra ProMat.

45 minutes  $60.00

Summer in Delhi - Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy supplements the light you get from your environment with concentrated wavelengths of red and near infrared light. This creates a wide range of natural health benefits such as increase energy production, reduction of inflammation, improved strength and endurance, increased brain function, restoration of damaged tissues and much more.

Please click here to learn more about Red Light Therapy

One 20 minute session $10.00
Ten 20 minute sessions $80.00
Unlimited 20 minute sessions for the month $120.00

Reiki/Energy Healing

The Universal Life Force Within You - A gentle re-balancing of the body's energy. With this ancient method, your therapist lightly places their hands on, or just above your body in order to influence the flow of qi (life energy) through your body.

60 minutes $80.00


To Awaken the Mind - Ahlara's most meditative and relaxing treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead and onto the sixth chakra, your intuitive energetic center. It calms the central nervous system and integrates the mind and body.
60 minutes $125.00

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