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Group Biofield Tuning with Michelle Love

Join us for a group Biofield Tuning session and sound immersion! Biofield Tuning is a powerful vibrational healing method that relaxes and resets the nervous system. Advanced Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Michelle Love, works with tuning forks inside the body’s electromagnetic field to find pockets of stuck energy, bringing them into the body’s central channel for transmuting. These energetic pockets can be related to repressed emotions due to traumas, patterns of behavior throughout your lifetime including the ancestral line, or related to any other event in life where emotions were repressed. All physical, mental, and emotional disorders can be perceived as “noise” in our energy fields. You will experience a body-tuning that will transform your electromagnetic energy from “chaotic noise” into a tranquil melody. Participants can experience the session sitting or lying down. Please arrive well-hydrated in comfortable clothing, with a bottle of water, a mat/blanket and any other props for your comfort.

Wednesday, September 27th from 5:30pm – 6:45pm Cost: $44 Please call 704.662.0946 to register.

Flow Into Stillness ~ A Vibrational Sound Bath & Meditation Experience with Lorriane

Let’s breathe in stillness together while floating on the vibrations and resonance of a relaxing guided meditation, accompanied by the soothing tones of a harmonic set of crystal singing bowls. Once relaxed the Sound Bath continues, allowing ample time to explore the expanded consciousness the resonance has created. Lorraine Meyer is a Guided Meditation Master and a Vibrational Sound Healer who began her studies in India with Tibetan bowls. She has since expanded her training to embrace the harmonic inspiration she channels as she plays. Her Mission is to share the awakening taking place on our planet and in our hearts with as many people as possible. Join Lorraine for this 1 hour session. Participants may lie on yoga mats, sit on chairs or bring meditation cushions. Dress comfortably and if this if your first Sound Bath, expect that it will certainly not be your last, prepare to soar beyond the body to the peace that resides within! Namaste

NEW FRIDAY TIME:   Friday, September 29th at 12pm – 1pm  Cost: $15  Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space. 

Akashic Record Experience with Angelic Singing Bowls presented by Jessica Mangum and Anna Flowers

Come take a journey where Jessica Mangum and Anna Flowers will lead you with sound healing into your Akashic records. This angelic sound healing session is specifically geared toward bringing forth a deep remembrance for your soul’s expansion.

Description: Anna will start by opening the Akashic Records for the group so that information & guidance for all, on a group level, will be received by each participant. Jessica will play the bowls and hold sacred space during the journey. We ask that you please consider one question you would like to receive guidance on within the Records and your Highest Self. Upon registration, you will be provided a quick explanation of the records to help you formulate your questions.

Information on the Akashic Records: The Akashic Records is a space of consciousness, non-judgement and very high frequency that holds the records or memories of everything your Soul has ever done, in any lifetime or time and space. Since there is an eternity of information here, it is best to be as specific as possible when asking any questions. This is not your typical “reading”; when you are in your Records it is information for your Soul’s growth that comes through on a Soul level, to bring to the 3-D material level. Profound messages, healing and Light Language may present themselves. These higher dimensional frequencies speak directly to your DNA, heart, cells and energy fields to allow any activations, releases, healing, balancing, Blessings, and energy clearing.

What to Bring:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Yoga mat
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Water

 We will provide:

  • Sacred space
  • A journal for you to jot down your experience
  • We do recommend taking it easy on Sunday, October 1st to process. This is going to be an intense, inter-dimensionally expanding experience and your body, mind, subtle body and spirit will need time to recuperate.

 Saturday, September 30th from 11 – 1pm  Cost: $55 Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Astrology Meetup with Emmaleen Muldoon

See what the planets have in store for us each month as we follow the transits of your charts to see which parts of your life are activated and how we can work with that energy. Also learn about astrology yourself and see how to use it to follow your own transits. Make sure you know your birth time so that we can draw up your birth chart on the computer in the workshop.

First Wednesday of each month (October 4th) from 5:30pm – 7pm  Cost: $15   Please call 704.662.0946 to register.

Shamanic Journey with Esha

Join us on this shamanic journey as you connect and communicate with your inner or spirit self to retrieve information on different aspects of your life.  Your inner self is in constant communication with all aspects of your environment, seen and unseen. We will open sacred space together, call in the 4 directions, set an intention, journey to find your power animal, and then journey to the lower world for answers to your questions.

Shamanism represents a universal conceptual framework found among indigenous tribal humans.  It includes the belief that the natural world has two aspects: ordinary everyday awareness, formed by our habitual behaviors, patterns of belief, social norms, and cultural conditioning, and a second non-ordinary awareness accessed through altered states, or ecstatic trance, induced by shamanic practices such as repetitive drumming. The act of entering an ecstatic trance state is called the soul flight or shamanic journey, and it allows the journeyer to view life and life’s problems from a detached, spiritual perspective, not easily achieved in a state of ordinary consciousness.

Friday, October 6th at 5:30pm  Cost: $45  Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Esha Estar is a life and death doula, a teacher, an intuitive healer, a shamanic facilitator, a licensed massage therapist, a spiritual director, registered yoga teacher, and author. Her purpose is to help each individual find the wisdom medicine hidden in each experience of their life so they can transform each story. By fully honoring the season one is in, the healing process flows effortlessly.  Her intention as a healer is to help each soul remember and claim their inner voice, retrieve fragmented parts of their soul from past relationships, situations, and trauma so they can walk the earth as whole and complete beings of light.

Crystals 101 with Alissa Thurston

Ready to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of crystals. Whether you’re a beginner or a crystal enthusiast looking to deepen your knowledge, this workshop will provide you with essential insights and practical skills.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Dive into the world of widely used crystals like Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and more.
  • Understand their healing and metaphysical properties.
  • Explore how these crystals can benefit various aspects of your life.
  • Learn the significance of colors, shapes, and sizes in crystal selection.
  • Discover how to select crystals that resonate with your intentions and goals.
  • Learn the importance of cleansing crystals to remove accumulated energies.
  • Explore techniques to attune and program your crystals for specific intentions.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to choose, cleanse and attune crystals that align with your spiritual and personal growth goals.

Saturday October 7th from 1pm – 2:30pm Cost: $15 Please call 704.662.0946 to register

Integrative Breathwork™ –A Path to Deepening into the Psyche with Lorraine Meyer

Integrative Breathwork™ is a safe, experiential process that allows us to connect with our inner wisdom and creativity. Through the breathwork process, it is possible to journey from our conscious emotional and mental states into expanded realms of consciousness. Integrative Breathwork’s™ unique psycho spiritual sharing process completes the workshop. Through the use of esoteric music, the breath, and the meditative state they create; the deeper strata of the unconscious mind opens and pours out its gifts. It is in this rich, subjective life that all new creations first begin to stir, and to which we must continually return to be made anew in every phase of our lives. Participants may expect to feel lighter and to experience a sense of release or exhilaration. Integrative Breathwork™ allows you to access and release stored patterning, connect to the Higher-Self and heal repressed memories at a cellular level. Please bring mat and blanket.

Sunday, October 8th from 11am – 2pm. Cost  $70  Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Vision Quest and Dream Catcher Painting Workshop  with Sandra Harris

Join Sandra for a morning of sacred connection and creative expression. As you listen to soft notes of drums and flutes, you will be taken on a magically journey to meet your native American Spirit Guide allowing you the opportunity to receive memories, guidance and/or healing.

Next Sandra will provide simple step by step instructions to create your own unique dream catcher masterpiece. All art supplies are included in price. No painting experience needed.

Friday, October 13th from 5:30pm – 7pm Cost: $44    Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

From Anxious to Empowered – How I Found True Peace through Spirituality with Nicole Mitchell

Do you experience frequent anxiety that sometimes seems to come out of nowhere? In this class, I will tell my story of how I went from feeling like I wasn’t in control of my life and the physically debilitating anxiety I experienced to finding daily peace. We will talk about the spiritual meaning behind the experience of anxiety, the energy of anxiety, the emotions and thoughts behind it and discuss practical, applicable techniques for how to manage it.

Saturday, October 14th from 11am – 12:30pm Cost: $20 Please call 704.662.0946 to register

Empathic Empowerment Series: Self Discovery, Nurturing Boundaries and Healing with Candice Erickson-Perham

Are you an empath seeking to understand your unique gifts and navigate the world with greater clarity and resilience? Join us for this 3 part transformative series of classes designed specifically for empaths like you.

Part 1 – Understanding and Nurturing Your Empathic Gifts

Delve into the fascinating realm of empathic abilities. Discover the signs, traits, and intricacies of being an empath, unlocking a deeper understanding of yourself and your empathic nature. – Oct 14th

Part 2 – Exploring Co-Dependency on the Empath Journey

Understand the dynamics of co-dependency through an empathic lens. Explore the intricate interplay between empathy and co-dependency, and embark on a journey of healing and personal growth, freeing yourself from unhealthy patterns. – Nov 11th

Part 3 – Embracing Boundaries as an Empathic Soul

Learn essential techniques to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in your personal and professional relationships. Gain valuable tools to protect your energy, foster emotional well-being, and cultivate fulfilling connections. – Dec 9th

Saturday October 14th from 1pm – 2:30pm, Saturday,   November 11th and December 9th from 11am – 12:30pm Cost: $22 each class. Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Candle Workshop with Love Square One

In this workshop, you will learn the step-by-step process of crafting your very own clean-burning wood wick candles. We will explore the use of    natural materials and scents, allowing you to create unique, environmentally-friendly candles perfect  for personal use or gifting.

Sunday, October 15th at 1:00pm    Cost: $45   Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Are You a Starseed? Lecture & Guided Meditation with Sandra Harris

Are you curious about your true cosmic origins and  whether you might be a Starseed? Join Sandra in this       fascinating class as she delves into the concept of        Starseeds and explores their common characteristics and origins. She will then embark you on a guided meditation to help you connect with your potential cosmic home.

Monday, October 16th from 5:30pm – 6:30pm Cost: $22   Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Angelic Awakenings Series with Anna Flowers

Dive into the ethereal realm with our transformational 3 part series: “Angelic Awakenings”. Embark on a sacred journey of discovery as you learn the art of tuning into the celestial frequencies that surround us.

Through ancient wisdom and modern insights, you’ll explore the intricate tapestry of angelic energies that interweave with our existence. Delve into the mystique of archangels – celestial beings of pure light and guidance – and cultivate a profound understanding of their unique roles and energies.

In these immersive classes, you’ll uncover techniques to attune your intuition, align your energy, and bridge the gap between the earthly and heavenly realms. Experience guided meditations, energy practices, and angel oracle card rituals designed to deepen your connection to the angelic realm.

Whether you’re seeking guidance, healing, or experiencing an spiritual awakening, “Angelic Awakenings” will empower you to navigate life’s journey with a celestial compass. Join us at Ahlara International and embark on a metaphysical odyssey that will forever illuminate your path with angelic wisdom and insight.

Wednesday, October 18th & November 15th from 5:30pm – 6:30pm Cost: $22

Illuminate Your Spiritual Journey with Terry Ann

Join the group discussion, sharing knowledge and Ideas to expand your Spiritual understanding. All are welcome to gather with like minded people to ask questions and share information that can lead to Soul Growth, Spiritual Awakening and friendships. We will be exploring new subjects every month such as:

* Self love

* Spiritual Awakening

* Forgiveness

* Childhood Trauma

* Soul Purpose

* Vibration

* Lessons

* Soul Contracts

* And many more topics

Saturday, October 21st from 11:15 – 12:15pm   Cost: $22   Please call 704.662.0946 to register.

Channeled Group Readings with Tina Marie

Tina Marie has the gift of Intuitive channeling. She is to able see what people need to release to move forward to their highest path and align with their dream reality. She can detect past trauma, fear and anxiety and see where it is held in the physical body and how to heal from it.

She’ll talk about her own journey of opening up her intuition after it was shut down at a young age and how she navigated her spiritual awakening. There will be guided subconscious healing breath-work at the end to help everyone release any blockages that come up. Bring a friend to receive a discount on a future private session

Saturday, October 21st from 2:30 – 4pm Cost: $44  Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Group Healing with Psychic Healer Michael Anthony

Come join Michael Anthony on Sunday morning the 10th of September from 11am-12:30 pm for a group healing session. We will start off receiving from Michael Anthony as he will hold the space using a combination of his energy work as well as channeled guidance to induce a state of relaxation and healing. From there we take off the labels and all step into our healing roles and begin the practice of healing by giving AND receiving in one universal collective. Each and every one of us has the ability to step into the role of healer. Now imagine all of us doing this together. Let’s do it!!!

Sunday, October 22nd from 11am – 12:30pm Cost: $20/person

Sacred Space Workshop

by Nami Nesterowicz and Maureen Marhayla Mischinski

Working in sacred space allows you to move with ease, grace, safety and power. Join us Sunday afternoon to learn and practice different ways of creating and holding sacred space and find the ones that work best for you. Connect with the Sacred, the Angels, and the Earth and bring ceremony to your life.

Workshop Syllabus:

  • Why we create sacred space
  • When to open and close sacred space
  • Who we can call on to create sacred space
  • How to create sacred space
  • Creating personal sacred space

Sunday, October 22, 1:30-4:30 pm  Cost: $111 Please call 704.662.0946 to register

About Nami:  Nami is a healer, channeler, angel painter, and author. He has been in the healing profession since 1995, and offers guidance and mentoring for students of all ages. He will help you hone in on your innate intuitive skills, developing them further, and unlocking abilities you may not have discovered yet. Additionally, he channels the archangels and spirit guides that watch over you, translating their messages into beautiful colors on canvas. He has painted more than 5,000 spiritual portraits and helped more than 10,000 clients. His deep and vast experience makes me an ideal healer, teacher, and mentor.

About Maureen:  Maureen Marhayla is a healer, teacher, blessing giver, stone reader, ceremony leader, shamanic energy practitioner, mystic, and mother of four adults. She is a graduate of the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School, has studied with teachers of core shamanism, and has studied and sat in ceremony with healers in Peru. She has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. She is also a student of Healing Touch. You can find out more at her website www.maureenmarhayla.com.

Ahlara’s Mind Body Spirit Expo –  Intuitive Healings and Readings 

Saturday, October 28th from 12pm – 4pm

Psychic Healing with Michael Anthony  $50 – 20 min

Michael Anthony is a Spiritual and Intuitive guide. He uses a combination of Intuitive Guidance and Energy work as well as Hypnotherapy to help you heal and/or overcome whatever obstacle is in your way. Michael believes we all have our own unique medicine for the world and the world is waiting for your medicine but the trick is…you have to make sure to take your own medicine first.

Healing Angel Paintings with Nami $88 – 20 min

Intuitive and healer Nami opens to the inspiration of Spirit and creates a soul portrait of each person that comes for a reading: the painting is an individualized expression of your spiritual being, higher self, and angelic guides. Nami paints and gives you channeled messages for insight and healing during the process.

Mini Human Design Readings with Jenna $44 – 20 min

Come discover your human design energy type and how it shows up in your life whether it be in your career, relationships, decision making or as a parent. Learn how to align/work with your energy instead of work against it.

Intuitive Tarot Card Readings with Lori Petty  $ 35 – 15 min

Lori Petty is an intuitive tarot card reader, medium and certified Reiki practitioner. Lori’s readings are personalized, confidential and every experience is different and unique. Her goal is to help guide you on your healing journey.

Akashic Records Readings with Anna Flowers  $44 – 15 min

Your Akashic Record is the record of your soul’s journey through the universe and can only be opened with your permission. Your questions can be specific or general, and on almost any topic including life purpose, career, health, relationships, or finances.

Karmic Astrology Readings with Susan Reynolds  $45 – 15 min

Based on your astrological sign, veteran astrologist and intuitive, Susan Reynolds, can offer predictions about future events and advice on how to choose the best timing for your plans.  She can intuitively see and feel physical and emotional blockages and advise about opportunities for your future.

Intuitive Tarot Readings with Nicole $35 – 15 min

Nicole is an intuitive tarot card reader and coach that uses cards to pick up on the energy surrounding you to provide clarification, insight and inspiration.     Nicole’s readings are like mini coaching sessions, allowing you to see what’s ahead of you, steer away from what’s not serving you and jump into what is for you.

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings with Hilary Porta $44 – 15 min

Experience powerful divine guidance for expansion and manifesting your most purposeful life with Sacred Collaboration Intuitive and Medium readings with Hilary Porta, Modern Day Medicine Woman, Urban Shaman and Life Architect.

Aura Photography Readings with Psychic Atena $30+ – 15 min

Aura Photo Readings for people of all ages, couples & pets. Find out what your aura looks like and receive a personal reading with Atena about what the colors mean to you. Atena has over 18 years of experience helping you see & understand your aura with comprehensive, down-to-earth and personal psychic guidance.

Crystal Energy Healing with Alissa Thurston  $35 – 25 min

During this healing, crystals will be placed on and around you and your chakras will be cleansed and balanced. Messages of inspiration and guidance will often be received on your behalf from high vibration beings, such as ascended masters, angels, guides and spirit animals.

Soul Purpose, Guidance & Clarity with Jessica  $44 – 20 min

Jessica is offering guidance based on input from guides, angels, ancestors regarding steps in your life moving forward. You will receive clarity and experience relief, hope and excitement after your session!

Truth Seer with Sima Masha  $36 – 20 min

Mystic and Oracle Sima, clearly, directly, and compassionately, holds safe space for you in shifting perspective. Through connection with Spirit, receiving channeled messages, she guides you in discovering your own authentic knowing of your inner being in truth and love.

The Art of Creating a Miracle with Susan Reynolds

Most of us have grown up hearing about the miracles in the Bible. Sometimes we hear something on the news that is called a miracle. But we all have the power to create miracles in our daily life. We do not have to wait for miracles to happen, but can actually take steps to create them ourselves. In this one-day workshop you will learn:

  • Where the miracle center in your body is located
  • What stops miracles from happening
  • How to work with higher forces to create miracles
  • Key exercises to create miracle energy
  • Miracle meditation and much more

Join us for this amazing one-time workshop to awaken your own powerful miracle making energies.

Saturday, October 29th from 11am – 4pm Cost: $80 Please call 704.662.0946 to register.

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