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Monday Meditation with Joy

Joy will play her drum and recite an old piece of prose she wrote ~ “White Wolf ~ Spiritual Messenger.”

BRING YOUR DRUM and join her. She will call in Ancestors and Angels as she drums to the Sacred Beat of the Heart ~ calling in Goodness and Light ~ Peace and Tolerance ~ especially during these difficult times.  Then, take an amazing Journey to the City of White to receive a healing of Mind, Body and Spirit from a deceased Love One ~ totally based in Love ~ and contributed to by choirs of Angels who bring Gifts to you.

It will be a powerful 60 minutes!   Social distancing protects your health and well-being.  Monday, November 2nd and 9th from 12pm – 1pm  Cost: $15 each class.
Call 704.662.0946 to register.

Every Monday from 12pm – 1pm Starting Oct 12th     Cost: $15 each class.   Call 704.662.0946 to register.

Learn to Connect with the Other Side with Joy, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Angel Whisperer and Intuitive

This is a 4-week course designed to help create your own connection to those on the Other Side. Through raising your vibration, meditation, exercises, instruction, guided thoughts and affirmations, you will learn you have always been intuitive and can use your own gifts to connect.

Each session will begin with an energy healing, particularly of the Heart and Throat chakras ~ preparing you for this Spiritual journey. With a singing bowl, Joy will open the throat so you might speak freely to those on the Other Side ~ and open your Heart so that you might Believe and Trust.

Then, thru a raising of Vibrations with other modalities such a drum, rain stick and chanting of affirmations, you will begin the Journey toward personal fulfillment and the creation of a sacred connection with the Other Side.

There is limited space due to the need for social distancing and also the desire to give individual attention to each student.

Bring a notebook, your favorite crystal to hold and an Open Heart and Mind.  You’ll be amazed at how intuitive and powerful you are!

Wednesday, October 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  4 classes for $20 each.  Call Ahlara to register – 704.662.0946.

About Joy: Joy has connected with Angels all of her life as well as with those on the Other Side. She has channeled two books, Seekers and Dreamers and Angel Whispers. Follow her at https://www.facebook.com/joyce.sheldon.31 for a nightly Angel Whisper and follow Channeled Angel Messages with Joy for daily inspiration. She is available at Ahlara for private sessions to help you make “the connection.” Inquire at jayladybug@windstream.net

Trauma and Moving Forward with Terry Ann, QHHT Practitioner

Join Terry Ann for a heart felt class discussing the true innocence we are born with and how we accumulate scars from traumas and the links in the chain of suffering they create. Self love, self compassion and forgiveness are discussed as tools to move forward breaking the chain of suffering.

Saturday, October 31st and November 21st from 1 – 2:30pm  Cost: $20  Please call 704.662.0946 to register.

Ahlara’s  Mind, Body & Spirit Expo – Intuitive Healings and Readings

Saturday, November 14th from 12pm – 4pm

Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule your individual sessions!

Reiki Infused with Theta Healing with Alba Kogot   $30 – 20 min

Alba will use Reiki energy and ThetaHealing to promote an energy healing that will be felt physically, mentally and spiritually.  A beautiful meditation will  take place at the beginning and then personal downloads will be given at the end of each session.

Crystal Energy Healing with Alissa Thurston  $30 – 20 minutes 

During this healing, crystals will be placed on and around you and your chakras will be cleansed and balanced. Messages of inspiration and guidance will often be received on your behalf from high vibration beings, such as ascended masters, angels, guides and spirit animals. Each experience is personal and unique and will allow you to heal your body, mind and heart.

Red Light Therapy  $20 – 20 minutes

Red light therapy supplements the light you get from your environment with concentrated wavelengths of red and near infrared light. There is a wide range of natural health benefits such as increased energy production, reduction of inflammation, improved strength & endurance, increased brain function, restoration of damaged tissues and much more.

Amethyst BioMat   $20 – 20 minutes

As you lay on the Biomat the amethyst crystals will align your energy field and balance your chakras while the infra-red light and negative ions promote healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Shungite Healing Mat  $20 – 20 minutes

Shungite has a long history of healing benefits. It blocks negative energy and acts as a detoxifier of free radicals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and other toxic agents, as well as lowering pain and inflammation from a variety of conditions.

Tarot Card Readings with Lori Petty  $33 – 15 minutes

Lori is a Tarot Card Reader, Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner. She became aware of her intuitive abilities as a small child which have intensely heightened throughout her life. She has been reading Tarot cards for over 20 years and has learned to understand her gift to help, heal, and empower others.

Psychic Readings from Spirit with Linda  Williams  $35 – 15  minutes

Are you wishing to connect with your loved ones? Find your path? Have pertinent questions answered? Come sit with Linda, one of Charlotte’s top psychic mediums and allow her to bring forth the information you need from Spirit!

Intuitive Readings with PE Calvert $35- 15 minutes

Calvert is a psychic medium with deep, long-time connections to the world of Shamanism.  She is a teacher, a healer, a seer and a giver of words of wisdom, bringing kind understanding to all her readings.  She is insightful, encouraging and reveals visions of spirit and animal guides who bring forth messages to assist you in your life journey.

Your Sign and What it Reveals with Susan Reynolds  $40 – 15 minutes

Based on your astrological sign, veteran astrologist and intuitive, Susan Reynolds, can offer predictions about future events and advice on how to choose the best timing for your plans.  She can intuitively see and feel physical and emotional blockages and advise about opportunities for your future.

Connect with Deceased Loved Ones with Ed Carlton  $35 – 15 minutes

Ed is a Certified Medium, Empath and Psychic. His gifts include communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, receiving messages, and providing guidance. When he connects with your loved ones, he uses “clear sight” and his empathic abilities to feel the bond and communicate with you.

The Ahlara Sisterhood with Guest Speaker, Alissa Thurston

Alissa will talk about her work using crystals for healing and discuss the process of placing crystals on and around her clients for a balancing and cleansing of their chakras. She’ll talk about some of the major crystals used during this process. She will also talk about how she often receives messages of inspiration and guidance from high vibration beings, such as ascended masters, angels, guides and spirit animals. Women enjoy the Ceremony of Sisterhood, giving and receiving messages from cards or stones, practicing telepathic Love and receiving the Blessing of the Long Time Sun. All women are welcome.
Sunday, November 1st from 1:30pm – 3:30pm  $10 registration is donated to Himalayan Hands, a non-profit and directed toward the education of young women in Nepal. To date, the Ahlara Sisterhood has provided the means for several young women to receive an education. www.himalayanhands.org   Social distancing is practiced for your health and well-being.  Register at 704.662.0946

Today’s Shamanism presents Psychic Awakenings

This fun and easy class is designed to explore and deepen your psychic awareness and intuition by using the everyday tools available in modern Shamanism. Psychic medium P.E. Calvert offers informative techniques for any experience level that will expand your intuitive gifts. Come and play with us! Magic is everywhere!
About P.E. Calvert
As an urban shaman, Calvert’s mission is to share ancient knowledge and promote happiness in the modern world. She is an experienced psychic medium and teaches classes in mediumship, psychic development, past-life regression, soul retrieval, energy techniques, guided meditation, automatic writing, and Shamanism.

Sunday, November 7th and December 5th, 1 – 2:30pm  Cost: $25   Call 704.662.0946 to register and pre-pay.  

Holotropic Breathwork with Kimberly Clarke

This workshop will explain how your human psyche affects all levels of your consciousness; the conscious, the subconscious (or pre-conscious), and the unconscious.
The intention of this workshop is to provide an experiential self journey to remove you from your mind and into your inner healer, raise your vibration and assist you in stopping negative cycles and patterns.
Workshop agenda
Instructor introduction
Introduction to Stansilov Groff,
Introductions and benefits of Shamanic, Integrative and Holotropic breathwork using the Hochoka method (which means healing circle)
Attendee introduction
Group and individual discussion of intentions attendees wish to work on
Begin Breathwork using breathing and sound
Upon breathwork completion each attendee will draw their own Mandala
Group and individual discussion of attendees experiences during the breathwork

Note: There is a medical release form on the website that needs to be downloaded and sent to the facilitator BEFORE the day of the event. Click here to download and send to kchwh1@gmail.com

What to wear to the session:

Loose and comfortable clothing
Bring outerwear that can be layered as your body temperature can fluctuate during this process.

What to bring:

Something to make yourself comfortable lying on the floor, a mat, sleeping bag, sheet, blanket, pillow, etc.
Water bottle
Eye Mask
Journal and pen
Any other item that is of comfort to you

Sunday, December 6th, 11am – 5pm – $75   Call 704.662.0946 to register and pre-pay.


Explore the World of Crystals with Alissa Thurston

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to crystals and gemstones? What are their meanings? How do you use them?  How do you take care of them?

If you are interested in learning more please join Alissa Thursday evenings as she leads a class series on exploring the basic of crystals and much more!

Every other Thursday evening October 8th and 22nd from 5:30pm – 7pm Cost: $20

Is God Calling You? with Maureen Jennings

Does God still speak? What does your journey look like? What are your gifts? How to walk in them.  What is prayer? What is your identity in Christ? How do you move beyond your boundaries?

If these questions sound familiar please join Maureen Thursday mornings as she leads a group discussion and healing on these topics and more.

Every other Thursday morning October 1st, 15th and 29th from 11am – 1pm Cost: $10

Learn to Receive Messages from your Angels and Guides with Linda Williams

Have you always wanted to develop your psychic abilities, but didn’t know where to turn? Now you can turn to Linda Williams, psychic intuitive, who will nurture the gifts that everyone has – yes, everyone! Whether you’re a true novice or somewhat experienced, this on-going class is sure to assist in your journey of personal growth and psychic development.

Resumes Thursday, June 4th   Every Thursday  from 2 pm to 3:30 pm    Cost: $15 per class

Group Energy Healing with Ed Carlton, Intuitive, Healer, Messenger

Ed channels a team of highly evolved Beings of Light and Love from many dimensions. These events will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to help relax and take you to a comfortable place to allow the healing to begin. Benefits include a healing of emotions, physical or spiritual bodies; or a combination. Bring pillows and blanket (something comfortable to lay on the floor—or chairs will be available for you as well.) These events are limited to 15 people each so call Ahlara to reserve your place 704.662.0946.

CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Every Third Wednesday at 6:05pm   Cost: $10 


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