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Group Meditation and Energy Healing With Ed Carlton, Intuitive, Healer, Messenger

Ed channels a team of highly evolved Beings of Light and Love from many dimensions.
These events will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to help you relax and take you to a comfortable place to allow the healing to begin. Benefits include a healing of emotions, physical or spiritual bodies, or a combination.
Bring pillows and blanket (something comfortable to lay on the floor – or chairs will be available for you as well).
**Special Day and Time:  Tuesday, February 27th at 12:00pm to 12:55pm or 5:30pm to 06:25pm  Cost: $10
These events are limited to 20 people each so call Ahlara International to reserve your place (704) 662-0946.

Symphony of Serenity – Sound Journey Meditation with Kennedy OneSelf

This musical journey is an opportunity to experience the stillness that exists beneath the chattering mind. The clarity that can be experienced through sound symphony meditations is beyond words. Simply by witnessing the pulsations of these effervescently interacting sounds, we can become a deep silence within. In deep relaxation is an easefulness that is the foundation of a peaceful life. Kennedy OneSelf weaves together vibrations so fluidly you will think there is a team of three musicians. While listening to the many dancing rhythms and resonating vibrations of didgeridoos, crystal and metal singing bowls, gongs, flutes, ocean drum, buffalo drum, hulusi, tibetan bells, chimes, African and Asian harp, kalimba, the unity harp and more, the mind tends to surrender, basking in the glorious moment that is now. Come join us as we explore the infinite wellspring of awareness within. Bring your yoga mat, pillow and blanket, or whatever makes you comfortable. Chairs and additional mats will be available.
Saturday, March 3rd at 1:30 – 3 p.m. $20 payable at the door. 

Ahlara Sisterhood: Understanding your Energy and Setting Healthy Boundaries with Katie Sutton

Katie Sutton will speak about how to transform fear into excitement and anxiety to peace.  Katie will be sharing information from her 11 years of study on the topic of energetic flow in the body and its link to our emotions.  She will explain how to differentiate between your feelings and energy vs the energy and feelings of others.  Participants will be guided through a healing activation after the presentation.

The Sisterhood always ends with the Sisterhood Ceremony, a Blessing and exercise in Telepathic Love. Time to share, give Angel messages, and show love and support.

Sunday, March 4th from 1:30 – 3:30pm   Cost: $10 donated to Himalayan Hands   Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

About Katie:

Katie is the founder and owner of Zen Within Healing and the Zen Within Academy.  She has over 8 years of experience within the wellness industry as an Aerial Yoga Instructor, meditation coach, healer and intuitive channel.  She completed the undergraduate and graduate program with the Boulder Psychic Institute and received her professional wellness coaching certification in 2015.  Her personal experiences with stress induced illness and auto-immune disorders brought about by her years in high stress jobs within the technology industry has helped to shape her coaching approach.  After years of working with traditional medical doctors without success, she found healing with a combination of meditative self healing techniques, yoga, diet and various alternative therapies. Having navigated this journey herself, she now wishes to guide others on the path to wellness and help them find their own Zen Within.

International Women’s Day Celebration

Celebrate International Women’s Day at Ahlara International in sacred sisterhood, to acknowledge and honor the Divine Feminine that lives in every woman’s heart! FREE event for all women!!!  Ahlara Spa, Boutique, and Spiritual Center in Mooresville, NC, is holding sacred space for all women to celebrate the beauty and power of their Souls! A very special offering is the Awakening Love Circle, an uplifting, yet deep healing, heart opening ceremony with Eewana. You are invited to enter the sacred space of the Collective Women’s Heart, where the Divine Feminine has messages to tell you, songs to give you, and Light and Love descend upon you to embrace and lift you up. This is visioned as a relaxed, yet powerful time spent in the sacred circle of Universal Love manifested through our hearts. You will soak in the beautiful and magical sounds of steel drum, crystal bowls, and thumb piano. We will sing, chant, tone, let go of stress and tension, rest and restore. You will hear powerful channeled messages that Eewana received from her Light Source, to heal the feminine wounded heart, and awaken Love. Ewana’s Guda drum (handpan, steel drum) will play your Heart Songs, as she taps into both the group and individual energies, while channeling deep nurturing sounds from the Upper Realm. You will enter a tranquil state of being, a place of inner peace and quiet joy that will stay with you throughout the day or longer. The Awakening Love Circle starts at 11:30 am and continues for about 60 – 90 minutes, depending on what needs to be healed, as everything is flowing as channeled from the Divine. You are invited to spend time after the circle to connect heart to heart with other women, indulge in the amazing products that Ahlara has available for purchase, to further nourish your Soul. Stay in The Light!

Wednesday, March 8th at 11:30am  This event is free, with love offerings accepted. 

Reconnect and Fall in Love ​with ​your Newborn Self

Do you really love yourself? Could you love yourself more? A lot more? ​This event is all about you! Ruth​i​ Cohen​-Joyner will ​guide you through a guided meditation technique called Matrix Visioning that will combine Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Hypnosis ​to gently allow you to travel back ​in time ​to meet your newborn self. You will then reconnect and ​fall in love with your newborn self with an amazingly stronger love than ever before.  As you come out of th​e meditation, ​ you will have the opportunity to ‘paint’ your experience. Melinda Radcliffe will guide you through the painting experience (no experience needed) so that you will have a piece of art to remind you of how truly beautiful and lov​able you are. This event is for you to ​create deep self-love​ so that it becomes your “come from” for everyday life in a transformational way.  Spend an afternoon recharging your self love battery​ and go home with a visual reminder of that love​! Don’t forget to wear comfy, older clothes (we will have aprons for you too).

Sunday, March 11th from 1 – 3pm  Cost: $45  Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Melinda Radcliffe, artist, is founder of MelindaRadcliffe.com and lives and breathes art! She has led several painting workshops at Ahlara and other venues in North Carolina and Virginia. She does individual client painting/readings. Find out more at: www.MelindaRadcliffe.com

​Ruthi Cohen-Joyner is hopelessly addicted to yoga, meditation and EFT Tapping. She is also certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Hypnosis.  ​You can learn more about Ruthi and grab some free stuff at YourTappingJourney.com

Self Discovery Workshop Part 2 with Jessica Mangum

Part 2 of this self-discovery workshop with Jessica Mangum will be a follow-up of the first with a focus more on real-life practice with self and others using a pendulum and your intuitive gifts.  How does this help in the everyday?  When we learn to assess ourselves and balance our own energy, everything around us energetically just falls into place.  Note: We will be conducting a brief review of what we did in Part 1, so even if you did not attend the first workshop, you can still participate!

In this two-hour workshop you will discover:
– How to meditate and clear the mind clutter consistently and throughout the day

– How to self-assess using a pendulum and/or our other chakric gifts (with practice)
– More info on what your primary intuitive skill set is and how you use it (with affirmation)
– The chakras – and we will do a chakra clearing and protection meditation
Sunday, March 18th 1 to 3 pm.  Cost: $35  

Jessica will be conducting 15-minute readings immediately following the workshop.  Save your spot ahead of time (they go quickly!) by emailing jess@jessicamangum.com
You can visit Jessica’s website under “Events” to prepay or call Ahlara at 704.662.0946 to register.  Ahlara will not make any of the private session appointments.  They will all go thru Jessica.

Enhanced States of Consciousness with Katie Sutton

Humans have been  chasing enhanced states of consciousness since the dawn of time.  Ancient texts and spiritual teachings tell us that they hold the key to countless blessings including spiritual awakening. In this experiential workshop you will learn how these “peak experiences” can be leveraged to bring about huge leaps in personal growth and spiritual development. You will be guided through 6 multi-sensory self-activation techniques to help bring you to new states of awakened consciousness. These self-activation techniques will harness the power of all 6 of your senses to raise your frequency and enhance your overall well-being. Each participant will go home with special gifts from the workshop including recordings of all the self-activation meditations for at home practice. This workshop is the culmination of over 11 years of study and brought about by my own experiences of spiritual awakening and enhanced states of consciousness.

Sunday, March 25th from 2 – 4pm   Cost: $40 Early Bird; $45 At The Door   Please call 704.662.0946 to register or  register at: www.zenwithincoaching.com/enhancedstates


55 Tibetan Healing Bowls with Essential Oils and Raw Cacao

Join Dr. Dream and his band of angels during this amazing sound healing chakra experience.
Saturday, April 7th from 2pm- 5pm  Cost: $25 in Advance, $33 at the door
Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space, limit seating available.

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