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Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul with Dr. Ken & Connie Williams

Learn the Inner Secrets of: 
the Blue Pearl, the 12th Chakra, the Medical Caduceus to Raise the Kundalini Shakti, the Silver Cords.
Learn to experience Peace, Calmness and Clarity in the midst of a busy and chaotic work/home environment.
Invite your loved on to mediate together and experience Spiritual Intimacy and reignite your love for each other.
Learn how to release old emotional baggage and create positive changes in all your relationships.
Use Words of Power (mantras) to quickly achieve Inner Stillness. Experience “Coming Home and Being One with All”.
Experience the unique state of Total Peace and Expansion Of Consciousness and Awareness within minutes of meditation.
And Much More…
Saturday an Sunday, December 7-8th at Ahlara
Please call 850.380.0561 for more information and to register.

Aligning to 2020 – A Sound Healing Journey with Katie Sutton and Josh Vogt

What energetic themes and lessons will we experience in 2020?  How can we get the most out of this coming year? How do we set intentions that are expansive and support our spiritual growth? Join Katie Sutton and Josh Vogt of Zen Within Academy for an afternoon of channeled teachings and sound healing ceremony to help you align with the incoming energies of 2020.  After the teaching portion of the workshop Katie will be joined by her husband Josh Vogt a shamanic practitioner and sound healer and together they will create a journey of healing to help you align with energies of 2020. Participants can expect to leave feeling ready and willing to embrace all that the New Year has to offer.

Sunday, January 12th 2 to 3:30  Exchange: $30 in advance; $35 day of Please register at:  www.zenwithinacademy.com/events/aligning-with-2020-ahlara

Interpreting Tarot Cards with Katelyn Lee

Join Psychic Medium Katelyn Lee as she helps you to understand how to interpret and read oracle cards. Unlike traditional tarot, oracle tarot has an unique je ne sais quoi in their interpretation Learn with the help of Spirit, Katelyn, and your deck to use oracle tarot as directive tools for guidance, clarity and a new perspective. Katelyn will teach you ways to interpret your cards and   various card spreads in order to receive information. Please bring your own deck.

Saturday, January 21st  1 to 3 p.m.  Cost: $35    Please register at 704.662.0946

Connect with your Inner Healer with Ed Carlton, Intuitive, Healer, Messenger

Would you like to connect with your inner healer? Each month Ed will present new ways to clear, release, grow and energetically heal through your inner Divine.
Every Third Wednesday (January 20th) at 6:05pm Cost: $10 Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Crystal Light Healing Bed

The Crystal Light Healing Bed uses spiritually charged chakra balancing quartz crystals to revitalize your mind and body. Just like blood circulates through the veins, energy is a circulatory system that requires proper energy balance within the body. This flow of healing energy stimulates the body’s own ability to self-heal, allowing the body to begin healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Over time, this healing process can restore the body’s proper energy balance which has been damaged by time and daily life. Many people notice great improvements in their well-being in just one session!

Ed Carlton, Psychic Medium and Intuitive, will facilitate your 50 minute session. 

First Sunday (January 5th) from 11am – 5pm Cost: $100      Please call 704.662.0946 to make your appointment.

Ahlara Sisterhood

Guest Speaker: Leilani Bush, the Joyful Medium
Use Your Spiritual Gifts to Discover your Purpose!

Have you ever felt stuck? Lost? Not sure what you’re supposed to be doing but know this isn’t it? Then this topic is for you! Leilani Bush, the Joyful Medium will share how to use your spiritual gifts (skills, talents and abilities) to discover and live your soul’s purpose. She will lead us through an interactive session that will help you:

·       Define what spiritual gifts are

·       Discover which spiritual gifts you have

·       Create an action plan to begin integrating your purpose into your everyday life

Start the new year off right by learning who you are, what gifts you have, and how to offer them to the world. This work is essential to leading a more bountiful, joyful and fulfilling life!

First Sunday of Each Month (Jan 5th) from 1:30 – 3:30pm Cost: $10 (donated to Himalayan Hands to help young girls in Nepal receive an education)   Call 704.662.0946 to reserve. 

Mindful Women

It’s a Meditation – for Health and Healing

It’s a Study Group – for Spiritual Growth

It’s a Discussion Group – for Sharing and Learning

Facilitated by “Joy”

Topics to include: 

How to Handle Stress & Anxiety ~ How to Create and Manifest ~ How to Empower your Feminine Energy ~ How to Create Family Harmony ~ How to Attain Inner Peace

Affirmations & Prayer ~ Cellular Healing ~ Intuitive Messages ~ Telepathic Love ~ Sacred Space and Altars ~ Family and Self Protection ~ Angels and Guides ~ and more


Every Tuesday Evening at AHLARA at 6 p.m.    Cost:  $12   Register at 704.662.0946

Learn to Receive Messages from your Angels and Guides with Linda Williams

Have you always wanted to develop your psychic abilities, but didn’t know where to turn? Now you can turn to Linda Williams, psychic intuitive, who will nurture the gifts that everyone has – yes, everyone! Whether you’re a true novice or somewhat experienced, this on-going class is sure to assist in your journey of personal growth and psychic development.

Every Thursday  from 2 pm to 3:30 pm    Cost: $15 per class

Anchoring Awareness 

Reduce stress and boost emotional resilience by tapping into the power of your inner dignity. Participants become empowered to live their best lives through meditation, self-inquiry and intentional communication. Join us for a peaceful pause, in a safe, non-judgmental space where self-awareness, trust, and deep connections grow.

Starting October 28th Every Monday Evening  5:30pm – 6:30pm Cost: $10 ($5 for first responders, medical professionals and veterans with ID)

Debbie CallahanBereavement Consultant, Mindfulness Practitioner, Reiki Healer

This meditative process is a culmination of my 15+ years experience in grief work, trauma healing,  personal development, integrative wellness and Insight Meditation. As a co-leader with “The Red Boot Way” I observed participants radically transform and heal through steps of self-inquiry. This experience, coupled with healing my own trauma and embracing Buddhist principles through Insight Meditation led me to develop Anchoring Awareness. I invite anyone to develop a new relationship to their stress and suffering through this ground breaking process! 

The Anchoring Awareness Project – for a sneak peek at the first step, follow us on Instagram @anchoringawarenessproject

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