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Living From an Awakened Heart with Rev. Christy Snow

Living from an awakened heart requires love, forgiveness, willingness, courage and authenticity.  There are spiritual laws that respond to our thoughts and feelings and create our experience—individually and collectively. During this time when the world needs us more than ever, join us as Rev. Christy shares a celebration service with music, meditation and a message to assist us all in living from an awakened heart.

Sunday, August 20th and September 17th from 11am—12pm   Love Offering



Ahlara Sister Hood

The Ahlara Sisterhood was created to provide space for women to gather, listen, learn, and be inspired.  Facilitated by Ahlara’s own “Joy,” there are monthly guest speakers, a meditation, the beautiful Ceremony of Sisterhood, special surprises and time for networking, sharing and connecting as Sisters.This event comes to you compliments of Ahlara, so there is no charge. It will be held once a month on a Sunday (for September it’s the 10th) from 1 to 3 p.m. Guest speaker in September is Astrologer Susan Reynolds who will be providing a glimpse into her upcoming event on how to interpret your Dreams. (Saturday, Sept. 16th) Joy will talk about how to resurrect your Dreams long forgotten and abandoned.  The meditation will be focused on your Dreams, guiding you to a wonderful visualization of completion and triumph. Joy has created The Ceremony of Sisterhood during which each Sister gives a Spiritual Gift to the one next to her, a loving outward sign of Love and Connection. No charge for this event. Donations benefit Himalayan Hands, a non-profit organization founded by Ahlara owner, Lynne Wiggins.
By registering you help in the planning of handouts, gifts, etc.

Sunday, September 10th   1– 3pm  No Charge   Please register at 704.662.0946.


Whispers in the Night:  Understanding the Language of your Dreams

We all dream. But how many of us get the benefit of what our dreams are trying to tell us? In this workshop, we will talk about the images of dreams and how we can all understand our own unique dream language. You will learn techniques about how to take control of your dreams as well as how to program precognitive information. Your dreams can help you gain clarity and understanding on the physical as well as spiritual level. This is sure to be fun and entertaining as we all take a look at our dreams!

Saturday, September 16th  from  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm   Cost: $60   Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.


14 CE Hours for Massage Therapist

Senior Spa – Part 1 and 2  present by Sheila Alexander

Part 1 – 7 CE’s

This class is for professional therapists or well skilled beginners giving therapists confidence in massaging seniors in all stages of health. Learn how to massage seniors in all stages of health, apply Ayurvedic principles and incorporate spa services. Included are routines to massage the geriatric client in an armchair, wheelchair, prone position on a massage table with aromatherapy and moist heat applications to open the minds and senses of this special population. Handouts include the 3 classes of seniors, 7 stages of Alzheimer’s, and pathology for indications/contraindications for geriatric massage.

Part 2  –  7 CE’s

Completion of Part 1 is required for this class. 

Special positioning techniques are taught that reduce fatigue in the geriatric client as well as the therapist. You will learn proper body mechanics and techniques to massage a geriatric client in a side lying and supine position with skin care services on a massage table or hospital bed. Included is instruction for proper completion of forms such as intake, SOAP notes, charting and use of standard medical abbreviations, examples of how to set protocol as well as marketing concepts.

Mondays, September 18th and 25th from 9am—5pm

Registration: $300  Limit space available.  Please register with Ahlara at 704.662.0946.

Ahlara welcomes Thomas Devins, author of The Illusion of Death for a presentation on the Rainbow Body Phenomenon

The human body is but proxy for the human mind. Learn how special people dissolved their body into its atomic parts. Flesh transformed to spirit. It is a practice that is adamantly denied by Western mainstream science and religion even though it is vivified in Jesus’s resurrection, Eastern mystical death traditions and the known science of the atom. The phenomenon is taking place in modern times and is available to everyone who is willing to follow a prescribed method of mind training.

This event is sponsored by Himalayan Hands, a small charity making a big difference in the lives of the Himalayan population.

Sunday, October 1st from 1-3pm   Cost: $20.00 All proceeds will be donated to Himalayan Hands 

Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.



Sacred Stone Meditation & Sound Healing Journey with Katie Sutton

Relax the mind through a sacred stone guided meditation accompanied by a live sound healing journey. Release yourself into a deeply heart opening meditation followed by a drawing in of the universal energy of the divine into a rose quartz crystal stone. Energize and heal your spirit with a live sound journey of various instruments including hand pan, voice, flute, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, drums and more. Transcend yourself from things that you have been living with for years with the release of limiting beliefs, emotions, and pain. Gain life-changing insights, leaps in consciousness, and provoke healing for your family and ancestors. You will receive a quartz crystal to take home with you for your personal stone essence meditation practice.

Sunday, October 8th     2-3:30 pm      Cost: $25   Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve  your space.

Intuitive Crystal Gridding with Katie Sutton

Learn to weave together the power of sacred geometry and crystals. Creating crystal grids in particular geometric forms will build energy fields to support your life and desired goals. Explore the more common forms of crystal grids and physically experience the act of creating a crystal grid, setting an intention and meditating with the grid. The meditation will be guided and amplified with live sound healing music of crystal bowls, drum, flute, voice, hand pan and much more.  Participants will receive 4 crystals to get them started on their at home crystal grid practice.

Sunday, November 12th    2-3:30 pm   Cost: $35     Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve  your space.


55 Tibetan Healing Bowl Galactivation Experience including the ROSE Frequency with Dr. Dream

Saturday, November 4th from 2 – 5pm

Cost: $25 in Advance, $33 at the door

We will have 55 Tibetan Bowls from the Gilung & Sindupalachoka Villages in Nepal. We are supporting these villages in recovering and rebuilding their homes and lives after the earthquake. Be a part of this truly unique experience, using these hand crafted sound tools that will wash over your being and expand your consciousness.

In addition to including our high-frequency, rose essential oil and 6 other oils, and 7 chakra chocolates, Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels will have a selection of 55 Tibetan Bowls (Master Healer grade) at this event.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase bowls.


The Universal LOVE Galactivation is a multi-sensory journey utilizing energetic modalities to create a tangible spiritual experience. The energy provides you with an opportunity to align your energy to source, promoting healing, self-empowerment and authenticity.

The Flow?:

Dr. DREAM guides you through visualization and storytelling into a deep meditative state. The Band of Angels joins Dr. DREAM in facilitating this amazing experience.


Dr. DREAM has been gathering groups together for the purpose of raising frequencies and expanding consciousness for many years. In January of 2010, Dr. Dream officially began the Tour of LOVE. Since that time, there have been more than 485 Galactivation Experiences, in over 170 cities around the world!

As one testimonial shares: “Dr. DREAM is an Angel in human form working for our Creator to bring more Love, Light & Healing to people ….as I have been there, experienced it, and am forever grateful for a God-send…”

What is a Galactivation?:

“Galactivation, for us, is the use of energetic frequencies, encompassing a powerful array of tools and modalities, with the expressed Intention of facilitating, for the participant, a deeper connection to Source and a more expanded awareness of the True nature of our shared reality, all leading to a more expansive experience of Universal LOVE.”

The modalities that are included in this experience are:

  • the ROSE Frequency
  • 55 Master Healer grade, Tibetan Bowls
  • Raw Chakra Chocolates
  • Sound healing
  • Citrine Generator Crystal
  • Essential Oils



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