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Ahlara’s Mind Body Spirit Expo –  Intuitive Healings and Readings

Saturday, April 28th from 12pm -4pm

Reconnective Healing with Velories Figures   $33 – 15 minutes

Velories is an Energy Health Practitioner offering energy healing sessions for re-balancing, re-connecting, and dealing with ascension symptoms through the 333 frequencies of Reconnective Healing as taught by Dr. Eric Pearl.   Reconnective Healing is the new Energy, Light and Information of our planet. It’s a highly evolved form of energy interaction that continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life.

Chinese Face Reading with Deborah Walston   $30 – 15 minutes 

Chinese face reading is a branch of Chinese medicine and has been documented for over 3,000 years as a method to diagnose health and to heal the spirit.  Every marking, wrinkle, mole, shape, and form of every feature on the face has meaning and assists with questions and reveals challenges.  A reading can provide helpful guidance in identifying strengths, talents and personality traits to help in your journey of self- discovery.

Palm Reading with Lori Michael   $25 – 15 minutes

Palmistry, also called chiromancy or chirosophy, is a reading of character and divination of the future by interpretation of lines and undulations on the palm of the hand. As a Master Palmist, Lori will help you gain insight into health, relationships and future events.

Holistic Healing with Delia Zarate   $29 – 15 minutes

Delia will combine tools and techniques from diverse healing traditions to provide you with a chakra reading.  This reading will make you aware of the root of your ailments. Her sessions will help facilitate your relaxation and activate your optimum frequency to promote your healing.

Tarot, Multi Life/ Karmic Readings with Sati    $30 – 15 minutes

Sati brings her expertise regarding the soul; present incarnation progression, past/present life karmic trends, and breakthrough momentums. Let Sati help you progress forward on the Path towards creating and sustaining a whole and balanced life in which you naturally draw the truth of your heart’s desire into Being with every breath!

Amethyst Healing and Angel Blessing with Joy   $25 – 15 minutes

Joy will spray you lavishly with the Archangel Michael Essence made for her by a Shaman.  It will calm, comfort and renew your Spirit. Then, experience the powerfully healing benefits of the amethyst bio-mat while receiving an Angel Blessing.  Choose a card for a special message and receive a prayer bracelet with pendant.

Mediumship Readings with Ed Carlton  $35 – 15 minutes

Ed is a Certified Medium, Empath and Psychic. His gifts include communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, receiving messages, and providing guidance. When he connects with your loved ones, he uses “clear sight” and his empathic abilities to feel the bond and communicate with you.

Astrology Predictions with Susan Reynolds  $35 – 15 minutes

Based on your astrological sign, veteran astrologist and intuitive, Susan Reynolds, can offer predictions about future events and advice on how to choose the best timing for your plans.  She can intuitively see and feel physical and emotional blockages and advise about opportunities for your future.

Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule your individual sessions.


Vak #2 the Power of Manifestation

In the first workshop we learned the 4 levels of the Word (Vak) spoken by the Divine since before time began. We learned how to create awareness of the Word – our words, of Sanskrit, & how to align more effortlessly with both mental & spoken truth; we revealed the truth of Self, & examined a few of the reasons why Vak so Apowerfully fuels the life we lead. In this second workshop we’ll discover :

  • how to apply this knowledge on a practical level
  • how (& why) we lie to ourselves & retard our vast potential
  • how to create positive change instead
  • the Process of Manifestation itself
  • and finally, how to re-train the impulse to suppress our true potential

Join Sati, Saturday, May 5th from 2-4pm – even if you didn’t get to come to the first session – & ignite the Inner Fire of True Consciousness!  Cost: $30

Ahlara Sisterhood

Guest speaker ~ Deborah Walston of Bliss Environments speaking about Chinese Face Reading.  Face reading is an ancient method of Chinese medicine that reveals health, character, future events and more.  One person will receive a free face reading at this event.  Enjoy practicing your intuitive gifts by choosing an Angel card and giving a message to someone in the group.

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 13th, we will have a special tribute to Mother’s, especially those who are deceased, in an effort to ease the pain and help heal the wounds.  Joy will speak about how to move thru grief to a place of Triumph.

Sunday, May 6th 1:30 to 3:30pm   Cost: $10 (donated to Himalayan Hands to help young girls in Nepal receive an education)    Call 704.662.0946 to reserve.    


 John of God Crystal Healing Bed

The John of God Crystal Healing Bed uses spiritually charged chakra balancing quartz crystals to revitalize your mind and body. Just like blood circulates through the veins, energy is a circulatory system that requires proper energy balance within the body. This flow of healing energy stimulates the body’s own ability to self-heal, allowing the body to begin healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Over time, this healing process can restore the body’s proper energy balance which has been damaged by time and daily life. Many people notice great improvements in their well-being in just one session!
Ed Carlton, Psychic Medium and Intuitive, will facilitate your 50 minute session.     Sunday, May 6th and June 10th from 11am – 5pm Cost: $100        Please call 704.662.0946 to make your appointment.

Group Sound Healing with Eewana

Eewana (Ioana Voicu) is a Pleiadian Soul Healer using Energy, Sound, and Journeys in her alchemical process of turning pain into bliss. Comforting, sensitive, and fearless at the same time, Eewana dives into the deepest places of your being, working under direct guidance of the Primordial Source of Light and the Ancestors. With Eewana, you experience energy work, sound vibrations, energy music, and/or interdimensional journeys, uniquely designed to assist you in a powerful yet wise way. You also receive your channeled Heart Energy Song, to raise your love vibration. With a background in medicine, psychology, expressive therapies, Tai Chi and Qigong, she interweaves elements of science with Pleiadian heart healing and ancient, shamanic techniques, unifying Sky with Earth medicine as One.

Wednesday, May 16th at 12:00pm to 12:55pm or 6pm to 06:55pm  Cost: $10

NOTE:  This offering replaces Ed Carlton’s Group Healing for this month only.


Monthly Channeled Sessions of Spiritual Inspiration and Joy-Filled Wisdom with Full-Trance Channeler Sati

The Guides & Master Teachers of the Ages that channel through Sati, bring along the latest information on the times in which we live.  These celestial Beings also always offer useful wisdom on how to move forward on the Path more gracefully and effectively.  As a bonus, their clearly felt heart energy & joy is contagious, automatically aligning you with the pureness of Being that brings the energy of your soul into greater accessibility and focus.

Sunday, May 20th (every third Sunday) from 2:30 to 4:30pm       Cost:$30      Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.


Group Meditation and Energy Healing With Ed Carlton, Intuitive, Healer, Messenger

Ed channels a team of highly evolved Beings of Light and Love from many dimensions.
These events will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to help you relax and take you to a comfortable place to allow the healing to begin. Benefits include a healing of emotions, physical or spiritual bodies, or a combination.
Bring pillows and blanket (something comfortable to lay on the floor – or chairs will be available for you as well).
Every Third Wednesday (June 19th) at 12:00pm to 12:55pm or 6pm to 06:55pm  Cost: $10
These events are limited to 20 people each so call Ahlara International to reserve your place (704) 662-0946.

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