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Ahlara’s Mind, Body & Spirit Expo – Intuitive Readings and Healings

Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule your individual sessions!




Tarot Card Readings with Heather Gaffney Darnell  $30 – 15 min 

A reading from Heather will reflect on where you are, where you have been, and where you are going, while looking at primary influences. She uses her insight with empathy and intuition to assist in finding answers to create healing and transformation.

 Holistic Healing with Delia Zarate  $25 – 15 min

Delia will combine tools and techniques from diverse healing traditions to provide you with a chakra reading.  This reading will make you aware of the root of your ailments. Her sessions will help facilitate your relaxation and activate your optimum frequency to promote your healing.

Intuitive Readings with Ty Ryan  $35 – 15 min

Intuitive readings to help illuminate your NOW by channeling non-physical wisdom from beyond. This allows for heartfelt insights rich in dimension for an expanded view of your past, present, and future.

Messages thru Intuitive Art with Melinda  $40 – 15 min

Melinda offers readings through pictures and symbols interpreted while she paints. Messages will come through for you from your ancestors, angels, loved ones, guides and more. Melinda’s natural intuitive and healing abilities shine brightly to bring forth clarity and understanding into your own personal life.  The painting is yours to keep and to use for meditation.

Heal your Body – Heal your Heart with Joy   $25 – 15 min

Enjoy the powerful effects of a bed of amethyst crystals as Joy calls in her Angels and Guides to heal a particular body or heart issue.  When sprayed above you, her Archangel Michael essence will bring about Peace and Calm.  An Angel card will provide direction or prophecy regarding your future.  Top off your experience with a beautiful Angel Blessing.

Connect with Deceased Loved Ones with Ed Carlton $35 – 15 min

Ed is a Certified Medium, Empath and Psychic. His gifts include communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, receiving messages, and providing guidance. When he connects with your loved ones, he uses “clear sight” and his empathic abilities to feel the bond and communicate with you.

Your Sign and What it Reveals with Susan Reynolds  $35 – 15 min

Based on your astrological sign, veteran astrologist and intuitive, Susan Reynolds, can offer predictions about future events and advice on how to choose the best timing for your plans.  She can intuitively see and feel physical and emotional blockages and advise about opportunities for your future.


Chakra Balancing Meditation and Vibrational Healing with Dr. Tracy Latz

Join Dr. Tracy Latz (“Shift Doctor” from ShiftYourLife.com) for an entertaining and educational interactive class that will leave you ‘tuned up’! This class is a natural add-on to the first class of “Chakra Basics” where the energy system was described in total. In this class you will experience an interactive meditation for clearing the stagnant ‘debris’ from the charkas – and then learn to utilize various easy-to-use at home vibrational tools (toning, color, sound) for balancing your energies on a daily basis! Experience a LIVE Crystal Singing Bowl Healing of all of your chakras generated by 12 different singing bowls!!

Sunday, October 14th from 1-3pm  Cost: $80  Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

 Mindful Women

It’s a Meditation – for Health and Healing

It’s a Study Group – for Spiritual Growth

It’s a Discussion Group – for Sharing and Learning

Facilitated by “Joy”

Topics to include: 

How to Handle Stress & Anxiety ~ How to Create and Manifest ~ How to Empower your Feminine Energy ~ How to Create Family Harmony ~ How to Attain Inner Peace

Affirmations & Prayer ~ Cellular Healing ~ Intuitive Messages ~ Telepathic Love ~ Sacred Space and Altars ~ Family and Self Protection ~ Angels and Guides ~ and more

Every Tuesday Evening at AHLARA at 6 p.m.    Cost:  $12   Register at 704.662.0946

Sunday, September 30th from 1 – 4pm    Cost: $49 Prepaid, $55 at the door    Please call 704.662.0946 to register.


John of God Crystal Healing Bed

The John of God Crystal Healing Bed uses spiritually charged chakra balancing quartz crystals to revitalize your mind and body. Just like blood circulates through the veins, energy is a circulatory system that requires proper energy balance within the body. This flow of healing energy stimulates the body’s own ability to self-heal, allowing the body to begin healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Over time, this healing process can restore the body’s proper energy balance which has been damaged by time and daily life. Many people notice great improvements in their well-being in just one session!

Ed Carlton, Psychic Medium and Intuitive, will facilitate your 50 minute session. 

Sunday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 16th from 11am – 5pm  Cost: $100      Please call 704.662.0946 to make your appointment.

Group Meditation and Energy Healing With Ed Carlton, Intuitive, Healer, Messenger

Ed channels a team of highly evolved Beings of Light and Love from many dimensions.
These events will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to help you relax and take you to a comfortable place to allow the healing to begin. Benefits include a healing of emotions, physical or spiritual bodies, or a combination.
Bring pillows and blanket (something comfortable to lay on the floor – or chairs will be available for you as well).
**DATE CHANGE FOR OCTOBER ONLY – Tuesday, October 16th at 12:00pm to 12:55pm or 6pm to 06:55pm  Cost: $10
These events are limited to 20 people each so call Ahlara International to reserve your place (704) 662-0946.


Spirit Crystal Wand-Making Class with Linda Williams

During a guided meditation, you will connect with own Indian Spirit Guides on a soul level. Then your hands will be guided to add embellishments to your wand. During a special ceremony, your wand will be cleansed and you will learn to meditate using these sacred portals to the Spirit World.

Sunday, October 21st from 1 – 3pm     Cost: $40 includes all supplies

Please register at 704.662.0946. (It’s helps to pre-register so Linda is sure to have adequate supplies.)


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Ahlara International spa and boutique is located in Mooresville, NC.  Day spamassagefacialswaxing, nails, body treatments.  Spa gift certificates are available.
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