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Sunday Service with Rev. Christy Snow

Join Rev. Christy Snow for a Sunday Celebration Service with music, meditation and a message about “Trusting The Process of Life!” Trusting the process requires release. ~  releasing attachments, releasing the need to know how things show up and releasing anything that has previously held you back. We are gearing up to close out 2017 and this Sunday will be setting the stage for moving into the conscious co-creation of 2018 and beyond. Live an empowered life of passion and purpose when you learn to hold the vision AND trust the process!

Sunday, December 17th from 11am – 12pm  Love Donations

Group Meditation and Energy Healing With Ed Carlton, Intuitive, Healer, Messenger

Ed channels a team of highly evolved Beings of Light and Love from many dimensions.
These events will begin with a peaceful guided meditation to help you relax and take you to a comfortable place to allow the healing to begin. Benefits include a healing of emotions, physical or spiritual bodies, or a combination.
Bring pillows and blanket (something comfortable to lay on the floor – or chairs will be available for you as well).
Every Third Wednesday (December 20th) at 12:00pm to 12:55pm or 6:05pm to 7:00pm  Cost: $10
These events are limited to 20 people each so call Ahlara International to reserve your place (704) 662-0946.

The Ahlara SisterHood – Angel Messages and How to connect with Angels by Joy

It will be my pleasure to facilitate this gathering and bring each one in attendance an Angel Whisper for 2018! Here’s how it works:  Please pre-register so I can hold your name in Sacred Silence prior to the event and I’ll listen for the words of the Angels. Then, when we come together, you will speak your name, and the personal message will come forth!  ALSO: I’ll share information the Angels have given me on how to Discover, Embrace and Work with your own individual Angel! As always, we will have the Beautiful Ceremony of Sisterhood and a few moments to send Telepathic Love around the world.

Sunday, January 7th from 1:30pm to 3:30pm  Cost: $10
This event is designed to Empower, Enhance and Enlighten the Divine Feminine Energy.
The $10 registration fee is donated to Himalayan Hands, a non-profit organization founded by the owner of Ahlara ~ in particular, to help educate young women in Nepal. 
Please call 704.662.0946 to reserve your space.

Intuitive Messages Through the Art and Music Experience with Melinda Radcliffe and Mike Love

Connect to your higher self, gain new insights and understanding with this one of a kind Intuitive Art Messages event. Mike Love, who has been teaching about The Twelve Rays for over a decade, will guide you in a meditation which is accompanied by music infused with the energy of the Twelve Rays. This music was played and recorded by keyboardist and composer Richard Shulman.

As you are guided in this meditation, you will become inspired by the music which will help you connect with your angels, higher self, guides, religious figures, ancestors and more to give you the messages and guidance that you need. As you come out of the meditation, Melinda Radcliffe will assist you in placing your message and images on a canvas with paint, using brushes, strings, paper, leaves, sponges – and even your hands – for the full sensory experience!

You will be guided to hear, see and feel your unique message that you will take home with you. Your painting becomes a reminder that you are not alone in this lifetime – you always have guidance and help! The painting will also help you with mediation and will bring you further answers in the days and weeks that follow.

Discover the energy of the Twelve Rays using music and art in this one of a kind event.

Mike Love is a certified hypnotherapist, teacher, and author. His office is in Matthews, NC. You can find out more about Mike and the Twelve Rays at:


Richard Shulman lives in Asheville, NC. Find out more about Richard and his music at www.Richheartmusic.com

Melinda Radcliffe, artist, is founder of  IAM (Intuitive Art Messages) and has led several painting workshops at Ahlara and other venues in North Carolina and Virginia. She does individual client painting/readings, and can be reached at: www.intuitive-art.org

This unique event is intended to familiarize you with the music infused with the Twelve Rays and Intuitive Art Messages, and show you how to create your own unique piece of art to keep with you for further meditations.

Sunday, January 14th from 1 to 3 p.m. $45  (includes all art supplies and you take a painting home with you.)

Ahlara’s Mind Body Spirit Expo – Intuitive Readings and Healings

Saturday, January 20th from 12 – 4pm   Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule your individual appointments.

Intuitive Readings by Jessica Mangum  $40 – 15 minutes

Jessica is an intuitive, medium, and mentor for adults and children.  During intuitive readings, she taps in energetically to her clients’ chakras to assess their strengths and/or blockages, which all ultimately lead to growth opportunities.  She then conducts either a Tarot or intuitive reading using her ability to communicate directly with Source and her clients’ guides.  Her readings are light, positive, and affirming.

Akashic Records Readings with Carol Baccile  $30 – 15 minutes

As a certified Akashic Records Reader, Carol uses her innate intuitive abilities and strong spiritual connection to receive unconditionally loving messages of guidance from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones in your Akashic Field. She can help you liberate and integrate your suppressed emotions that continuously keep you in a state of pain, confusion, poor health, exhaustion and general unhappiness.

 Angel Paintings by Nami   $45 – 15 minutes 

Artist, Intuitive and Healer, Nami opens to the inspiration of Spirit and creates a soul portrait of each person who comes for a reading: the painting is an individualized expression of your spiritual being, higher self, and angelic guides. Nami paints and gives you channeled messages for insight and healing during the process.

Tarot, Multi Life/ Karmic Readings with Sati    $30 – 15 minutes

Sati brings her expertise regarding the soul; present incarnation progression, past/present life karmic trends, and breakthrough momentums. Let Sati help you progress forward on the Path towards creating and sustaining a whole and balanced life in which you naturally draw the truth of your heart’s desire into Being with every breath!

Personal Angel Messages for 2018 with Joy   $25 – 15 minutes

You’ll relax on a warm mattress of crushed amethyst and hold a piece of amethyst in each hand. Then, Joy will call upon the Angels and ask them to provide a personal, inspiring message for the New Year.  The Angels will release negative energies from your Heart and replace them with Gifts for your Spirit.  Absorb a beautiful New Year Blessing and receive an invigorating spray of Archangel Michael oil.

Mediumship Readings with Ed Carlton  $35 – 15 minutes

Ed is a Certified Medium, Empath and Psychic. His gifts include communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, receiving messages, and providing guidance. When he connects with your loved ones, he uses “clear sight” and his empathic abilities to feel the bond and communicate with you.

Astrology Predictions with Susan Reynolds  $35 – 15 minutes

Based on your astrological sign, veteran astrologist and intuitive, Susan Reynolds, can offer predictions about future events and advice on how to choose the best timing for your plans.  She can intuitively see and feel physical and emotional blockages and advise about opportunities for your future.

Intuitive Readings with Constantino Lannes  $35 – 15 minutes

Known as The Visionary, Constantino will connect with your guides and he literally will see visions of the options, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of you.  He will identify what’s holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Foot Reflexology by Marcia Wright   $30 – 20 minutes

Foot reflexology is a comforting method of working on maps of the entire body located on the feet. Finger and hand techniques are used. The results are restorative as they reduce stress and facilitate the body in healing itself. Marcia is a national board certified Reflexologist.




Ahlara Super Sunday – Meditation, Intuition and Energetic Introspection – A Self-Discovery Workshop with Jessica Mangum, Your Spiritual Path Finder

In this two hour workshop you will learn:

  • The foundations of meditation and clearing the mind clutter
  • How to self assess using a pendulum and/or our other chakric gifts
  • What your primary intuitive skill set is
  • How you personally “intuit” or receive fast-moving/psychic information
  • The chakras – and we will do a chakra clearing and protection meditation

Sunday, January 28th, 2 to 4 p.m.  Cost: $35

You can contact Jessica to prepay at jess@jessicamangum.com  or call Ahlara 704.662.0946


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