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Private Healings

Heart Healings with Joy

Enjoy the warmth of the amethyst BioMat as Joy provides a healing of Mind, Body and especially Heart. Through a guided visualization, Joy will help release from your Heart that which is no longer serving you. Then, you will find Comfort and Peace as Gifts of the Spirit are bestowed upon you. Enjoy the Beauty and Grace of an Angel Whisper brought forth especially for you. Ask a question and receive Angelic Guidance.

Joy is an author, inspirational speaker, meditation leader and women’s advocate. She recently founded The Ahlara Sisterhood which meets regularly at Ahlara to Empower, Enhance and Inspire women.

Cost:  $65 for 45 minutes     Complimentary consultation afterwards    By appointment Contact Joy at joy@myjoytoday.com

Blessings from God Private Healings by Maureen

maureen angelThrough the Holy Spirit, Maureen facilitates a connection to your spirit with a gentle touch and heavenly words. As the spirit speaks through her, she is given an understanding of what is being said and is able to share her visions of the unseen.  Her desire is to share the love of God by leaving you connected and tapped into that infinite flow of love and peace.  In some cases, internal blockages are removed and you can see your life in a new vibrant way.

Appointments by request Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings 5 – 7pm

Cost: $75 per hour  Please call 704.662.0946 to schedule.


Mediumship Readings and Healings with Ed Carlton 

With the use of angel therapy, crystal   therapy, color therapy, quantum touch, grounding and magnetic therapy, I will help you relax and begin to heal. Your chakras will align, balance and  energize. You may also receive help in other areas such as: health, prosperity, relationships and personal goals.After this treatment, you should have less pain and be full of energy. You will leave energized, grounded and in a better, more positive state of mind. You will feel a peace come over you. This peaceful-rest, given the healing energy , will help induce needed healing. Recently spirit inspired me to build a “Crystal Chair” to amplify and magnify the channeled energy.

$50 for 30 minutes   or   $100 for 60 minutes    By appointment, please call 704. 662. 0946


Intuitive and Medium Readings with Jessica Mangum – Your Spiritual Path Finder

jessica mag picJessica is an intuitive, medium, and mentor for adults and children.  During intuitive readings, she taps in energetically to her clients’ chakras to assess their strengths and/or opportunities for growth.  She then conducts either a Tarot or intuitive reading using her ability to communicate directly with Source and her clients’ guides.  Her readings are light, positive, and affirming.

Cost:  30 minutes/$75  or  60 minutes/$150


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155 Joe Knox Ave
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Ahlara International spa and boutique is located in Mooresville, NC.  Day spamassagefacialswaxing, nails, body treatments.  Spa gift certificates are available.
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